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Should Taylor fans be worried that her new album and direction may bomb? And, Kylie is still preggers.​If you thought the country was divided, wait until you hear Perez vs. Rita Ora isn't Bey's "Becky with the good hair." And Perez finally admits that he's completely bored of anything Kardashian. Perez went to Disney and Chris Brown wants your sympathy. He also has some strong opinions about the American Idol runner up and her comments about "gay lifestyle." The guys also learn that Kylie Jenner made wigs a thing. The guys dissect Perez's birthday party and Booker chastises him for his lack of game.

Mariah is getting bank from her ex, but does she deserve it? Perez ghosts the world only to reveal that he's had another kid. Bieber does more things that Perez doesn't like that Booker doesn't have a problem with. Details on the Taylor and Calvin split and the spin that's all over this story. Billy Bush is moving to the Today Show, so will this affect Carson Daly's status? Blac Chyna and Rob K are pregnant and Booker still isn't buying the relationship and also wonders is if Perez is a Kardashian Superfan. Perez breaks down the Met Gala fashion and gives his top 3 best and worst dressed. Booker saw the Kardashian Klan and you won't believe what he DIDN'T see.

Perez wants the ladies tossed from Gay bars and a debate ensues. Our incoming president is taking time out to meet with Kanye.

Is Selena Gomez letting her fans down by not promoting her new music? More bad news for Katy and some Kardashian news too. Celebrity Big Brother announces their new "celebs." And, does Perez share too many pictures of his children on social media..

Also, Perez reviews new music from a pretty big group and wasn't feeling it.

The Tennessee middle schooler who broke millions of people's hearts after his heartbreaking video about bullying went viral is now at the center of a racism controversy.

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A lot of new music releases to discuss from Miley, Katy, Harry, Iggy, Camilla and more..​Together, Perez and Booker went to hear Shania Twain's long awaited new album and they both give their thoughts about her new songs and share the hilarious highlights of their evening.

Perez and Booker argue over if Kris Jenner deserved to get booed at a concert.

And Perez worries for Kim Kardashians safety during Kanye's antics.

In the video, Keaton recounts being bullied at school and wonders why he's being treated so poorly by his classmates.

Related: More Details On Hannibal Buress' Overnight Arrest HERE But then something incredible happened — after Keaton's mom posted the video, it blew up on social media, and now celebs from all walks of life are reaching out to support the bullied student!

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