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Controlling our love life with a flick of the finger on our smartphone with the same ease we check messages from work or order products from online stores.Has finding love reached a whole new level of casualness and ease?Tinder follows a very simple principle; ‘hot or not’.

Many of these dating apps have their roots in social media sites which provides the platform for them combined with greater flexibility that mobile apps offers, Today, it is commonplace to find couples who publicly declare they first met on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as these dating apps become more socially acceptable, especially to the younger generation.The risk of using these mobile dating apps does not stop at looking for random sex.Hackers could intercept cookies from the app via a Wi-Fi connection or public access point, and then tap into other devices such as the camera, GPS and microphone that the app has permission to access.“You cannot believe 100% whatever they say in their profiles.They could be faking it when they say they are single but they actually already have a relationship.

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