Luann lesseps dating while married

Jules looked haggard, which was no surprise considering the stress of her father's ailing health (though he seemed OK for the time being), and she lamented that her husband, Michael, had not stepped up to the plate in terms of helping out with the children or the household.

Dorinda clearly felt sorry for Jules (whose divorce news broke earlier Wednesday), but Bethenny then lightened the mood by inviting everyone to Mexico to help her investigate tequila possibilities for Skinnygirl. What was clear was that they were going to Mexico, and they were going to drink. Naturally, the question arose as to whether Bethenny would extend an invitation to Lu Ann or Sonja, since she'd been butting heads (to say the least) with both of them as of late.

Carole also recounted her recent parting with her foster kitty, and reflected on how much that experience affected her.

"I realized in this perfect moment of clarity that I have set up my life to be temporary," she told Bethenny.

" Sonja Morgan clarified that Lu was talking about Tom — the man who not only dated Ramona Singer, but also had sex with Sonja — and asked Lu Ann if she was "sure" this was The One.

"Yes," Lu Ann said before reminding Sonja that she and Tom had been together now for nearly six weeks (apparently that's long-term in Lu Ann's world).

Married life hasn't settled things down, and the two have apparently been constantly having trouble getting along. (Luann, at the time, dismissed it as a "mistake" rather than a premeditated affair ...

Again, the two of them have only been married for eight months. oh honey) Cheating allegations against Tom D'Agostino formed half of the recent storylines on Curiously, though, it sounds like Tom D'Agostino had his own reasons for agreeing to this divorce. While he's apparently not too old to be running around the city like a horndog who can't keep his pants on (allegedly), he apparently wasn't down for what life with Luann meant. Specifically, the "lifestyle" of being a reality television personality.

" We're instantly reminded of Luann getting earnest advice and basically refusing to listen.

Remember when Bethenny Frankel talked about how Jason Hoppy was still tormenting her? (Considering how recently Jason Hoppy was arraigned on new stalking charges against her, that barely sounds like an exaggeration) If you'll recall, Bethenny was bringing up her situation to try to convey to Luann that just following her heart or her bliss is fine and well for Disney princesses but doesn't work out so well in real life.

Tom D'Agostino was accused again and again of cheating on Luann, pretty much throughout their relationship.

“She’s over the moon and so happy with Tom,” the source added.

WATCH: Bethenny Frankel Takes Shots at ‘RHONY’ Co-Stars Over Rumored Contract Holdouts " data-reactid="27" WATCH: Bethenny Frankel Takes Shots at ‘RHONY’ Co-Stars Over Rumored Contract Holdouts This will be the second marriage for Lesseps, who was married to entrepreneur Count Alexandre de Lesseps from 1993 to 2009, with whom she shares two children, Victoria and Noel.

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