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These were only produced for 2 years up to 2000, the Japanese Epiphone's are really Orville's with a different headstock inlay. Model EGF-850, EGF-1000, EGF-1200, all feature veneer flametops, fret binding and nitro finish, the necks on these are of the fatter '59' kind.There were no replacements for the Orville by Gibson models, and as such these are becoming very sought after. As these were only produced for 2 years they are rare.After 1982 the tokai production numbers and variety of models increased dramatically, and the LS-80 specs varied somewhat, some began to appear with 2 piece backs, and veneer flametops, I only stock the earlier, 1 piece backed LS-80/100/120/150/200, all these have the correct headstock angle, fret Binding, solid tops, (except most LS-120's), nitro finishes, and one piece backs.The Tokai's were produced by Tokai-Gakki in Japan, but are of a similar quality to the Fugi-gen guitars.The highly regarded,(and rare)Tokai "Les Paul Reborn" was only produced for one full year (1978/9) before Tokai decided to change the name to Reborn old (very rare 6 months production only..), then in 1980, Love Rock.The Love Rocks from 1980-1981 are made to exactly the same specs as the Les Paul Reborn and Reborn Old, but the latter have more rarity value.In every LPS-350 I have seen, the wood used is lightweight honduran mahogony for the body, and looks like brazillian rosewood for the fretboards.Unusually for this period, there seem to be only a few models, basically a plaintop, a flametop, and a goldtop with P-90's for the LP's and a 335 model.

The Orville by Gibson Les Paul Reissue series (LPR ) 1993-1994, were the top of the range Japanese produced Gibsons, they all have stock Gibson USA electrics and pickups, usually nitrocellulose laquer finishes, blank truss rod covers and fret edge binding, and were only made from late 1992 to early 1995, they also tend to have the fattest necks of all the Ob G's.Guitar Dating using Source Date Code Alembic Serial Numbers Aria Guitar Serial Numbers Ballurio Serial Numbers B. Rich Serial Numbers Blue Book Serialization Page Carvin Identification Danelectro Serial Numbers D'Angelico Serial Numbers Dobro Serial Numbers Dr. If you know of additional information or any errors, please help us as well as others reading from our site by writing in to us.For lots more info on Tokai guitars, visit model, this had a 2 piece back for the early 1980 models then later a one piece back, some v early transition models in 1980 do not have the long tenon, but most do.The LPS-250 was normally a solid flametopped one piece back model, and all have the long Tenon.

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