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The second key turns the cylinders and I swing the door open.

The door opens onto the large entry with the sunken living room and massive fireplace. An urge to remove my shoes comes over me and I find myself in my stocking feet. His complete immersion in his start-up company and the unimaginable success, his new wife and then the wreck that left him in a coma.

The colors begin to fade as the respiration surges and ebbs slightly, the heart rate surges and fades, then the colors change to the yellow and red glows again.

This time the side view of the figure shows the color changes in the rear and the frontal regions.

The computer drive emits the low hum of the hard drive running some unknown program.

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Her sealed body obviously surrendered to the lusts of rubber as the computer systems took complete control of her life, her desire, and her pleasure. I look at the cylinder where Kristen has returned just this morning in the new suit we replaced based on the original specifications. I will be placed in my cylinder of lust and join Kristen… Before taking off to the house, I check with the local sheriff deputy.What imagination conjured a system that seems to be in complete control of someone’s carnal urges? Is the object of attention reduced to complete dependence on the system?Is it Kristen that the system has aroused and brought to obvious orgasmic explosion? What a dumb question since I witnessed a very real responsiveness to some sort of arousal programming. There are doors to the right that are laundry, linen closet and spare room.The reds and pink are spreading brightly from the location for the genitalia. The colors push the cooler greens and blue out to the limits of the figure then the bright pink suddenly shifts to a violet hue that bursts forth to flood out all of the other colors.The colors freeze for long seconds and the pulsing battle of the rainbow ebbs and flows across the human shape before the slow receding of the colors back through the spectrum of yellow to green to blue mimics the ebb of the tide on the beach just beyond the living room window.

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