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Joseph Bromley [email protected] - Well here we are, embarking on my epic mission to review all 600 of the Beach Boys LP's!

Smart move :) The album is short, and very rough around the edges, "let's throw these keen lads into the studio for a couple of days and see what they come up with." - Well, the results, as can be expected... Not to say they're bad, as javahead said, the thrill of hearing Denny's opening snare drum on this album, ushering in a new 'wave' of popular music must have been exhilerating... Infact, it's drummer Dennis who has the best lead vocal on the album with "Little Girl, You're My Miss America".

Little Richard, Jerry Lee, Buddy Holly and Elvis were all out of the picture for one reason or another and in Australia all the US seemed capable of was wishy washy middle of the road stuff by a succession of guys called Bobbie.

We were getting some good stuff from the Brits and then suddenly the 'Beachies', as we called them were on the scene.

The music is simplistic of course, but the harmonies are present and correct.

A great little surf guitar instrumental break, too!

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