Double your dating bars

Think about it this way: Do Olympic athletes, who have just walked onto the track, jump on the starting block and run to their heart’s content? “I’ll just get a drink first,” you say to yourself, “and then I’m going to do it.” Time passes, and then, suddenly, she disappears.

You spot another cute girl who is standing by herself just begging to be talked to.

But when you have it working against you, it can be really hard to even take the smallest of steps.

When you’re planning to go out for a big night out on the town, you first need to be mindful of the state of your home. Is your bed set up in a way that will allow you to take full advantage of the seduction opportunity? Remember that it’s tacky to use the same sheets for more than one girl. Before the night even starts, it’s critical to get on top of these things. So much of seduction and pickup is based on your own state of mind.

You think, “Maybe I should just do it now,” but instead you once again make another excuse that you need to go to the toilet.

What this does is it builds negative social momentum. When you’ve got it working for you, you’re unstoppable.

I teach my students to give themselves full permission to completely blow it on their first approach.

It’s actually not about having success with the girl but rather having success with the approach.

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