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“She either did not hear it [or] did not want to hear it,” he says.(Pylant had no comment.) [How to schedule multiple dates in one night the right way] 6 p.m.“She’s like, ‘You need to run, this guy’s the worst,’ ” Incorvaia says. Incorvaia texted her friends about the situation and, at this point, lost all faith in dating apps. “I don’t do online dating — just downloaded it this weekend.This is the experience I had, and I don’t know if I’ll be doing online dating anymore.” [Rom-coms still don’t believe you can find love online] p.m.Or rather, she learned as the night went on, that he’d planned consecutive dates at the same bar.

Schweiger had taken a smoke break, and the bartender pointed to Pylant and Incorvaia.“Some comment like that.” Pylant played along, until Schweiger left to take a phone call.She then filled Incorvaia in on what was likely going down.Just for kicks, Woody went back to Truxton Inn to meet her — and everyone else’s — date.As Bowers stood up to leave, Woody approached Schweiger and said, “Hi, I’m date number five,” to which Schweiger replied, “Oh, you’re already cut.” “As if we’re on MTV,” Woody says.

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