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She's found her solo status makes her extra accessible when visiting traditional and indigenous communities: "I've been able to bond with local women, something a foreign man isn't able to do." Living Well Means Taking Risks Feeling up to the challenge of solo stint in this gracious and rewarding region?

Here's what you can do to reassure yourself (and potential employers) that you'll thrive while single in Asia: Men Struggle Too Annoyed that Western men in Asia seem to have it made? "Thailand can be very isolating and lonely for men, especially those who don't want to become involved in the bar scene," says Bangkok-based therapist Carl Janowitz.

The first time it happened to me, I was interviewing for a long-term volunteer position in Kyrgyzstan. What was so terrible about the Kyrgyzstani dating scene that abstinence was practically part of the job description?

Why Single Women Don't Last in Asia If you're hoping my anecdote concerned a freak occurrence, know that I was asked some variation of this question before three out of my four Asian postings.

Fairly or not, many Orient-based employers worry that single Western women will make a less-than-stellar adjustment.

"When I first interviewed for a job in Asia, my boss asked whether I was expecting to date," says Jennifer, a teacher who worked in China for four years.

What makes Asia a sexual paradise for expat men but causes females such angst?

Carl Janowitz, a certified marriage and family therapist who's practiced for eight years in Thailand, feels stereotypes play a role on both sides of the cultural divide.

Als je op de website klikt of op de website navigeert, ga je ermee akkoord dat we op en buiten Facebook informatie verzamelen via cookies."If we give you the job, are you prepared to go two years without a date?" Most women, especially if they're new to overseas work, can't imagine a potential employer asking such a question. How dare the interviewer make such glaring (hetero)sexist assumptions! Why would he ask anything so blatantly inappropriate unless he was actually serious? After all, I was fully prepared to forego running water, electricity, refrigeration and the English language, but had never considered the toll that working in Asia would take on my love life.It's the ultimate freedom." — Elaine (Teacher, China and Indonesia) Full-time freelance writer Sarah Maurer spent seven years teaching and volunteering in China, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan and Thailand (and yes, most of those years were single).She repatriated in June, 2010 and currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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