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A7X0's mistress, her name was Joanne, was on the floor.

A little while later, when they got up and went downstairs, the bot didn't act any differently, or say anything which Joanne thought was probably for the best.Also unusual was the fact that they were both undressed from the waist down.The bot was fully programmed in human anatomy and had some emergency first-aid modules installed, but it had no in-depth knowledge of the function of what was called the sexual organs, or their mechanics. Master Mark actually unknowingly helped, pulling Joanne sideways so that A7X0 could see more of what was happening."Shut up and fuck me," Joanne said into the pillow, as Mark began to do just that. It didn't think of itself as alive, but it was aware of itself. Its memory expansion allowed for an almost unlimited capacity of skills.It was programmed to do several things, not to damage itself, other robots, animals or humans and to do as it was instructed by its owners, as long as these instructions didn't compromise the earlier rules. It could do most things any human could do, which was the whole point of robots. Mining and hunting bots had taken the place of human workers having to put themselves in dangerous situations years ago, and now domestic robots were becoming commonplace to do household chores while their owners were at work or whatever.

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