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Employer: Yes please Interviewee: Sorry I like to keep my personal life private and between friends/family. "I have always liked to keep my personal life and work life very separate and I should be allowed to do so without being questioned about my decision."I also think that people can easily be misjudged over social media and because of this I think that having references and a police check is a far better indicator of whether or not somebody will be suitable for a role.

Hays Specialist Recruitment Queensland managing director Darren Buchanan said the exchange did not totally surprise him."It does occur out in the job market, [but] I don't think it's that prevalent yet," he said."But it's quite possible that will emerge and become a more common practice."I think employers have to be quite careful, very careful when they're asking that one."Mr Buchanan said sharing a Facebook page could work either for or against the potential employee.

Former Queensland University of Technology law professor Gordon Douglas Chalmers was charged in November of 2016, but police piled on hundreds more charges after seizing his computer for examination.

The charges include (but aren’t limited to) rape, indecent treatment of children and making child exploitation material.

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"And we're now confusing ourselves further by becoming increasingly more status and money oriented like Americans," he says. And if you live in Adelaide and dig hot bogan chicks, you've got it made. On the flip side, he says it's a brutal environment for women over 25."In Sydney (and Adelaide) you regularly see large groups of attractive women with no guys whatsoever.

His list of best Australian cities for the single guy looks like this:1. This would be rare in Melbourne and Brisbane and unheard of in Perth and Canberra," says James."Even the most desirable women can really struggle here with the 'man drought'.

All that can be seen of the animal is a small section of its brown body, which looks just like a large branch.

Viewers were left spooked after seeing another image of the massive snake upon its release, but the snake experts attempted to allay their fears.'They try to keep to themselves...

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