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We maintain a winter quarters in Austin, Texas, where annual maintenance is performed.

A full service maintenance shop is carried on the road. All employees participate in the daily inspection process.

My Dad had arranged the car so that he and my Mother slept on the floor and he made a shelf for my sister and I to sleep above them.

He built a large trunk on the back that contained a gas stove, pots, pans, dishes and eating utensils. The next season, my sister and I slept in one of the merry-go-round trucks, which also housed one of the gasoline powered electric generators.

He brought along his wife Florence, and their children, Bernard and Doris.

We also provide our customers with many creature comforts including shaded rest areas with benches, covering for hoses and wires, signs and instructions regarding game and ride rules and operations, but most importantly, easy access to staff members in case of a concern or problem.

We have provided a safe, clean, wholesome entertainment environment just as Art B. When you walk our midways you will notice our customers having fun. Thomas Obituary Bernard Thomas was the innovator of the Universal Ticket System used by virtually traveling carnivals today.

Bernard, who was 7 years old when he joined the carnival, enjoyed the experience.

He recounts those first early years: “My sister and I traveled with our parents in a 1926 Buick.

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