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That's unpleasant stuff to have to admit and they avoid that and, as a result, they're growing apart because you have to be honest to have any sort of meaningful relationship with another person."Miller says for those involved, it can be hard to find anything funny about separation and divorce."As with anything that involves emotional pain, comedy isn't too far behind," he says."There's that element of no matter how painful something is – as long as it is not you that is going through it – it can be funny."The actor readily admits he drew on his own experiences during his 2011 split from his first wife, actress Belinda Stewart-Wilson, for his role as Murray."I had a very amicable divorce and that did really help in that a lot of it was very familiar," he says."We'd be doing some scene and I'd go, 'When this happened to me, I did this'.It was useful to have that to draw on."This was all the more so because this is Miller's first foray into romantic comedy.

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She also ended up getting engaged to Joe Thomas (yup, Simon! Already a veteran in the comedy world, Davies bagged his very own Channel 4 sitcom 'Man Down' playing, yes, you guessed it, a teacher! Miller is also known for playing the lead role of DI Richard Poole in the first 2 series of the BBC Crime Drama Death in Paradise. Ben's father Michael Miller was a lecturer in American Literature at the City of Birmingham Polytechnic; and his mother Marion was from Wales. He read Natural Sciences at St Catharine's College, Cambridge.As an undergraduate, he participated in theatre with Rachel Weisz, and also dated her.Actually, not just the Some of these transformations are going to blow your mind btw (Donavon the bully, we're looking at you).Bird, now in his thirties has been happily married for over four years and welcomed his first baby back in 2016!

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