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I took a deep breath and started walking down the street that adjoined the main road at the junction I was dropped.It wasn’t a residential area, and so, there were store fronts flanking the sides of the roads.For the next few moments, there was a chorus of greetings and a flurry of hugs and handshakes. ” I kept smiling, even as I swallowed against the sudden lump in my throat.“You are looking well,” Yinka said, eyeing me as I came to take a seat next to him. “It was fantastic.” “You’re lying,” Yinka said a moment after.Mercifully, with the passage of time, they dissipated and faded away into the murky recesses of my mind, only reaching out occasionally to startle me through such mnemonics as this. “For a moment, I thought you were a contestant practising for the Mr.I sighed as the man and his dogs trotted past me, trying to draw back the anticipation I felt yesterday when Yinka suggested we meet today at our regular joint in Yaba. Ever since the signing of the law made news, with the furor surrounding it, some of us hadn’t been too keen on coming together in any gathering that might draw any kind of unwarranted attention. Even though the blogosphere was riddled with reports of mob attacks on suspected gay men, the isolation of those news reports helped with the sense of invulnerability that permitted the idea of this hangout to be welcomed. I arched my brows at the familiar back, even though his gait was strange and stiff. Ideal Nigeria catwalk,” I said as I drew up to him and hugged him briefly, “and doing a bad job of it. ” “She took a break the moment she realized that a booty shake on a guy is equal to fourteen years imprisonment.” “Fourteen years is for those caught doing the dirty, not shaking what God gave them.” “Oh good, have you clarified that with the bloodthirsty Nigerians and the evil police?The dogs snuffled the air, looking back and forth, keenly alert and searching for smaller animals to bark at.

Talking, I feared, would make it real and force whatever unfavorable outcome that lurked. “Third Mainland Bridge traffic is being a bitch as usual.” “And Jonathan? A few chuckles erupted at the table as Adebola said, “Did you not notice how quiet he stayed all through our whatsapp chat when Yinka brought up the idea of a hangout.I slid the fare to the driver from behind before opening the door and alighting.It was a fine Saturday evening, and the sun was ending its stay in the sky with a glorious burn sinking into the west.“He’s internally homophobic, simple as that.” He made a slashing gesture with his hand, emphasizing the finality of his words. “With the gay clime in this country, I wouldn’t mind some internalized homophobia,” Paschal said with a laugh. “Tatafo Nigerians are everywhere biko.” His eyes darted in all directions as if tattlers lurked behind him.A server approached our table then, with a tray upon which were some drinks and saucers of finger foods. “Everybody who’s been hailing Jonathan for what he did have been using the bible and tradition to back up what they believe is the rightness of his act.

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